A Surprise on the Pooh Attraction


For this blog post I wanted to share one of my hidden-ish gems at Disneyland. Seeing as its anniversary is coming up on the 9th, I’d like to share this little tid-bit with you all.

I love going to the parks with friends and asking them their favorite things to do; never know when someone will share something new. A while ago I had asked a friend what was something interesting they liked to see in Disneyland.

“I like to see the mounted heads on the Pooh ride.” Before correcting him that he meant the Pooh attraction, I realized what he’d said and asked for an explanation.

Before the Winnie the Pooh attraction in Critter Country it was the Country Bear Jamboree, essentially being a bear country band. Animatronics of the animals were used on the attraction in which they played instruments.

After the attraction closed on Sept. 9, 2001 and reopened two years later with a new theme, the animatronic heads can be found hidden, mounted on a wall inside the Pooh attraction. The heads are lifelike in size and cartoonish in expression but CREEPY when seeing hanging over you.

I recommend everyone stopping by and having a look for yourself. To see them you’ll have to look back at above the opening of the wall as you exit Pooh nightmare-dream show room.