The Main Street Press Zine

An unofficial Disneyland zine created by me for Disneyland enthusiasts. Filled with puzzles, trivia, coloring opportunities, etc. A blog is also attached with my zine for Disneyland tips and other fun topics.



Instagram for Project Updates

I post more updates on my projects that I work on, include behind-the-scenes content, promote my projects and add the “personal” touch to myself. @PennyPress.Blog

July 24, 2019

July 24, 2019

Daily Icons

Every morning I’ll design an icon as a warm-up for the day. The icons represent things or ideas and have no correlation to each other. My icons also get uploaded to The Noun Project so that others can download the icon for use.


TikTok Account

In this account you’ll find videos of my guinea pigs. They are super important to me and I enjoy making fun content with them. It’s a way to get a little creative and make content that’s entertaining, even for a few seconds. @CavyCavalcade