TAng Club Paper Wallet Idea

Long gone are the days of 10-cent lemonade stands to make a little extra cash for summer. In our new technological day, the “stand” has become the internet and the “lemonade” is now any thing that can be made. By any thing I mean literally anything.

The rise of e-commerce has allowed individuals to reach any market their heart desires: fish-shaped pottery, glass beads with crickets in them or even animal bones. The internet is wild. But people love it and it helps everyone find what they’re looking for.

With all that said, I have finally invested some time and money into an idea I feel I can make some summer cash doing — custom paper wallets. Paper wallets is such a novelty item I don’t know how I didn’t think about it before — a piece of paper folded strategically to hold some cards and cash.

Paper Wallet

The idea is simple enough. And as a designer I could print my own patterns and textures to add an extra touch. I could even print them on different kinds of paper. It’s basically an art project that looks nice, has a practical use AND doesn’t cost a lot to make therefore the price can be super low.

Of course, a paper wallet has its limits. It needs to be waterproof, tear-proof, expandable, etc. Most paper can’t hold all those characteristics. So I don’t expect the wallets to last very long. But that’s the cool part — at least I think it is.

For those that need constant change, once the paper wallet has enough of a tear it doesn’t hold, order a new one with a different design. Leather and nylon wallets last so long it’s such a commitment when purchasing one.

Paper wallets are biodegradable, because they’re paper, and therefore putting designs on them is also easier — home printers can do it.

So that’s my plan — to make cute and inexpensive paper wallets for people to enjoy.

Tang Club

Although all my projects are under Penny Press, the brand of the wallets will be Tang Club.

It was in the Tang Dynasty that the first version of paper money was used, it was more like a certificate. The first version of credit cards were called diner club cards, business folk would invite clients out to dinner and the company would have to pay the bills at the end of the month.

A wallet usually holds cash and bank cards which is why I named my paper wallets Tang Club, an homage to the beginning of what we now use as currency.

So that’s the gist of my simple project. I want my projects to fund other projects, a self-sustaining system for my hobbies.

Check out my website’s shop, Penny Press Shop, or if you have an artsy account, PennyPressShop. I’d really appreciate it.