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My name is Tony, I'm 22 years old and my favorite color is yellow. Los Angeles has been my hometown for majority of my life; I don't enjoy the traffic but I do love exploring the city. My education has consisted of three schools for three different majors (photography, graphic design and journalism) in five years -- no degree yet. Life has too much to offer for me to make up my mind -- I enjoy too many things. I'm on the artistic and philosophical side of the world. 

My hobbies and interests curate my content. Hobbies include art of all kinds, exploring around, tiny gardening, interior decorating (my room, mostly), playing with my guinea pigs, designing logos and posters, studying art history and collecting useless trinkets. My interests are all over the place but to name a few, I like nature, animals, photography, dinosaurs, history, literature and films, the Bauhaus, backpacks, rain, Thanksgiving and Christmas -- this list could go on forever in different directions.

If money weren't an issue, I'd live in Seattle, Washington or Washington DC. I'd work for a newspaper company as a reporter and graphic designer. One of those skinny European bikes would be my method of transportation. Every morning I'd enjoy eggs with bacon and toast, a cup of vanilla yogurt with berries and I'd water all the plants that crowded my tiny apartment. My pets would know true luxury.

Hopefully this is enough to paint the kind of person I am. I enjoy good times and good company. Being able to write about my opinions and experiences means a lot to me and means even more if people are enjoying what I have to say. If you want to say something back, I enjoy constructive criticisms, comments, questions and simple hello's. 

My blog has it's own Instagram account where I post blog entry updates and messages, feel free to follow @PennyPressBlog


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